200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Dubai

From September 16th, 2023

Transition Into A Rewarding Career As A Yoga Instructor With The Lifestyle Yoga “Find your Essence And Live It”

YTT Programme

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Yogis Experience and Highlight of 2022 Yoga Teacher Training

About 200-hr
Hatha, Raja & Vinyasa Teacher Training

From September 16th, 2023

Take your passion for Yoga to the next level; deepen your practice to learn how to teach and pass on your Yogic knowledge and love to others.

World-class renowned Teacher Yoga Training, brought to you right in the heart of Dubai. 200-Hour yoga teachers training course is designed in accordance with the Yoga Alliance USA.

This multi style 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course will improve your practice while working on the many layers of Yoga to strengthen your confidence and solidify your inner voice.

Aspiring to teach Yoga is a beginning in itself; this program will be led by Sumit Manav Yoga expert, Yoga gurus who will make you master the fundamentals so that you could mark the beginning of your successful path as a Yoga instructor.

Graduates who successfully complete the program are eligible to become RYT’s (Registered Yoga Teachers) at a 200-hour Level and qualify to teach internationally.

Accredited with Yoga Alliance USA

16 September – 10th December 2023 Yoga Alliance 200-hr In-Person course in Dubai with Sumit Manav

Instructors are in huge demand. Graduates currently teach online, in yoga studios, fitness centers, and privately.
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Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum Aims To

  • Prepared students around the principles of Yoga
  • Train participants about how to adopt a proper Yogic-friendly lifestyle
  • Educate about requirements needs for the healthy development of successful yoga instructors.
  • Understand the methodology of effective Yoga teaching
  • Learn various techniques that are necessary for Yoga teaching
  • Develop the capacity to organize and lead Yoga classes
  • Help participants learn & understand the fundamentals of Yoga

Why choose Lifestyle Yoga World?

Lifestyle Yoga is an international yoga teacher training school with a yoga center in UAE and the United Kingdom. We provide internationally accredited professional yoga courses and training while maintaining the authenticity of the traditional teachings.


When you turn your passion for yoga into your profession, you work feels like a play.


Lifestyle Yoga is accredtied with Yoga Allaince USA. You can teach yoga in any coutnry.


Lifestyle Yoga is a perfect combo for Authentic & Modern yoga values and principles.


Work and learn opportunities after completion


Yoga Teacher combined teaching experince of 30+ years together.


Our support for you to grow remain even after the finishing of the cousre.

Why are we unique? Detailed Program Overview

  • Find your Essence And Live It” is the motto of our yoga teacher training program.
  • Have you been waiting to do a Yoga course in Dubai that has all the elements and flavor of the traditional teachings of the modern approach? Then don’t miss our Sep 2022 In-Person yoga teacher training course.
  • We aim to offer this unique-13 weeks 200-hour In-Person program in a wholesome way where students will not only grasp the technical aspect of yoga but also experience the essence of yogic lifestyle and culture.
  • We would like you to experience the warmth and sincerity of the ancient way of learning with high inner awareness and inspiration.
  • Extended Individual attention and question-answer sessions will available.
  • The course is designed with initial preparation time that will help students to break free from the conditioning of worldly roles to the authentic self. This openness will help you to tune in with yogic ways and the spiritual aspects of yoga.
  • Spiritual, Healing & Bonding with classical instrumental music, mantra chanting, gong bath, Havan, Bhajans
  • Courses are taught by renowned Indian teacher Sumit Manav who has more than 22-years & 30,000-hour teaching experience internationally.
  • The syllabus is inspired by Dev Sanskriti University Haridwar, Aayush & in accordance with Yoga Alliance USA.
  • Includes Access to Content Library
  • Includes lessons from Bhagwad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, hatha yoga pradipika & Vedanta
  • Individual attention to enhance the uniqueness of each individual to build deeper confidence in them to become great yoga teachers
  • Manual, books and Kit is included in the fees.

Review From Previous Course

Let’s define what really makes a “GOOD” Yoga Teacher…

Lifestyle Yoga is an international yoga teacher training school with a yoga center in UAE and the United Kingdom. We provide internationally accredited professional yoga courses and training while maintaining the authenticity of the traditional teachings.

#1: Ability To Connect

No matter the size of the yoga class, certified yoga instructors make everyone feel comfortable and have an impact on each person so that the person feels like they belong. Every great yoga teacher will touch the heart of their students in some way.

#2: Presence

Any successful teacher must command the attention of the students. Yoga students should want to watch every move the teacher makes! It’s an indescribable quality, like a natural confidence. As the yoga teacher works the room, a subtle touch, a shout-out, or even a glance can be enough to uplift the students.

#3: Energy & Personality

This can vary greatly between yoga teachers. Some warm your heart with the way they teach, while others bring a light-heartedness and sense of humor. Ideally, you want your energy to be focused, calm, centered, and enthusiastic.

#4: Prepration

Having a plan for the yoga class is always a great idea. Know what you are going to do in class that day, arrive early, talk to students, and create a peaceful environment before the class even begins.

#5: Personalisation

The meaning here changes depending on who you ask. Some say it means a yoga teacher should have a certain teaching style, a signature look or phrase, or simply the ability to cater to both beginners and advanced students at the same time. Choose what you want to bring to the class and make sure you bring it to every class.

#6: Physicality

The best way to lead is by example. While you don’t have to be the most gifted physically or the most flexible, you do need to have an understanding of movement, alignment and physiology, and consistent practice of your own.

#7: Love of Yoga

You can always spot the teacher who loves what they do. There are some yoga teachers who feel burned out, and those that will never know the feeling. Yoga aims to improve the mind, body, and spirit. When the yoga teacher loves what they do, that feeling is transferred into the students as well.

#8: Attention to Detail

Sometimes simple adjustments are needed, and sometimes bad habits need to be kicked to the side and re-learned entirely. A great yoga teacher will watch their students, making sure no one is going to get injured and that everything is executed properly. A certified yoga instructor who focuses more on their students will have happier students.

#9: Teaching

The person must want to teach, want to improve, and want to inspire! While none of us want to hear a lecture, it’s great when a yoga teacher really knows their stuff. A simple explanation of the medical benefits of postures or variations for people with injuries or physical limitations can go a long way in demonstrating knowledge and gaining credibility.

All of the above will be part of the focus of our upcoming 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai, Spots are filling up FAST! If you want to book your spot, please reply “Yes, I’m in!” and we will send you all the information.

We will be following the Curriculum guidelines by Yoga Alliance to ensure a wholesome Teacher Training experience.

Yoga Course Dates

Module 1

Yoga Asana

Module 2


Module 3

Bandha, Kumbhaka & Shat Kriyas

Module 4

The 4-Path of Yoga

Module 5

Meditation or Dhyana

Module 6

Kundalini Yoga

Module 7

Yoga Philosophy

Module 8

Yoga Anatomy & Phyisology

Module 9

Teaching Methodology & Techinques

Module 10

Yoga Teacher Ethical Guide

Module 11

Yogic Diet & Nutrition

Module 12

Running Your Own Yoga School

Lifestyle Yoga Dubai

From September 16th for over the 13 weekends.

Fees Structure 200-Hour TTC

AED 9999 Until April 15th, 2023
AED 10999- From Apr 16th - 15th Jul AED11,999 From Jul 15th - Sep1 10th
  • Save your spot now with a deposit of AED1500

The Best 200 Hour Training Online in Dubai

Lifestyle Yoga is the industry leader in 200 hours yoga teacher training in Dubai. We have been providing online classes and teacher training for the last two decades. Our 200 hours yoga teacher training Dubai are accredited, and persons trained in our institute hold high positions in various yoga centres and academies. There is a huge demand for yoga teachers now, and 200 hour yoga training Dubai will help you build an amazing career in the yoga industry. Our courses cover all the departments of yoga, including all the asanas, meditation, philosophy and more. Our training programs are worthwhile and provide you with an enriching experience, even if you are a teacher already.

Our yoga 200-hour training online course not only imparts the knowledge and practicalities of yoga but also instruct how you can become a renowned teacher in the most authentic way. Join our yoga studios Dubai to kick start an amazing career in yoga teaching and training.



Founder of Lifestyle Yoga (Lead Teacher)

Sumit’s journey began at the early age of 14 in a North Indian town in Uttar Pradesh (India). He then proceeded to the Himalayas..

Shristi Sharma

Voice coaching, Mantra Chanting

My name is Srishti, I am from Haridwar and am proud that I was born in that holy city where the river Ganga flows.


Creative Class & Breath Teacher

My first memory of Yoga is when I first saw my mother doing Sun Salutation when I was young. Since then and under the guidance of my mother I chose this path of wisdom and realization.

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