4-Principle Of Yoga


In Bringing Yoga to life author Donna Farhi writes, “We use the practice of yoga, not to correct or punish ourselves for who we are not, but to see who we actually are”

To most of us, the word ‘discipline’ brings about thoughts of punishment, pain and a lack of freedom. However, for any pursuit to be successful, a key facet is discipline to the pursuit. This is a universally applicable rule.

If you wish to lose fat, you must be disciplined in your diet. If you wish to achieve success in academics, you must approach with a disciplined learning. Similarly, while it is convenient to give up the rolling of the mat due to inertia, the regularity of your practice inculcates a discipline, leading to a dedication with a fierce determination which quenches the desire to be able to cultivate the mind. In the process, the physical body gets cleansed.

Often enough, we have heard the word Tapas from our Yoga Guru during classes. It can be interpreted to mean a fiery discipline. Tapas ignites the fire in the belly and this fire can bring a desire, a quest for ambition and also burn fat within.

  • Discipline over your body – both on and off the mat
  • Discipline over your practice – regularity, frequency, duration
  • Discipline over your diet – avoid excessive indulgence, have a plan and stick to it
  • Discipline over your thinking – watch your thoughts on the mat, continue this practice off the mat.

As you realize the importance of the above and cultivating them in your daily approach, you begin the realize the potential in yourself. The very fact that you begin feeling good about yourself triggers the dedication to the practice.

You may recollect that the Yoga instructors start the session by asking yourself to set up an intention before starting. This is a unique way of beginning a practice – one that sets Yoga apart from any other form of fitness regimen. To set apart and consecrate for a higher purpose is dedication. It brings about a certain focus, a sense of internalization of scattered thought and matters that drag and distract attention. This dedication allows us to be involved with the present, the moment.

The definition of Yoga is to unite – to bring together – whether it is in bringing your breath to your postures, of focusing on a positive thought through your practice. This can be achieved by a single-minded dedication to practice.

Regularly dedicating yourself to your yoga practice regardless of pain or pleasure you learn the meaning of devotion. In order to gain the strength and fortitude to face with dignity, you traverse life through the murky jungle of body and mind. When you approach this via yoga, you tend to gain the strength and spirit. By devoting yourself totally to the path of yoga you learn what it really means to surrender yourself to something. Before that moment of complete dedication there is always the chance to pull out, draw back or quit. But when you devote yourself wholly your intention, energy and spirit moves mountains to create the real possibility of transformation. It is through the power of devotion that yoga changes your life.

So the 4Ds – Discipline, Dedication and Devotion leads finally to a Desire for the discovery of the true self.

So stay committed. This will help you to find the inner peace and delve deeper.


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