Antar Mouna Meditation

Group Classes


A Sanskrit word, Mouna means ‘silence’, and Antar Mouna means ‘inner silence’.

This meditation practice helps to make one aware of their inner silence. Antar Mouna is one of the practices that can become the norm of your daily life as it is the first step towards attaining the permanent state of inner understanding.

This method of meditation is divided into a number of stages, where it goes through a systematic training of the awareness process – practitioners are taught how to train the mind and how to bring it under control.

Antar Mauna Meditation is a 45 minutes’ session and is divided into 5 stages:

  • Stage 1: Setting up the Asana
  • Stage 2: Awareness on external
  • Stage 3: Awareness on Thought process
  • Stage 4: Will to create and disposal of thought
  • Stage 5: Awareness on spontaneous through
  • Stage 6: Experience on Inner Silence