Group Classes


Classical Hath Yoga:

Welcome to our classical Hatha yoga class! This class is perfect for those who want to experience the traditional and authentic practice of Hatha yoga.

Hatha yoga is a style that focuses on balancing the mind and body through physical postures, breath control, and meditation. In this class, we will focus on the classic Hatha yoga practice with an emphasis on proper alignment and holding poses for longer periods of time.

We will begin with pranayama, or breathing exercises, to calm the mind and prepare the body for the practice. From there, we will move into a series of classical Hatha yoga postures such as the sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, and inversions. Each pose will be held for several breaths to allow you to go deeper into the pose and reap its benefits.

Throughout the class, we will also incorporate meditation and relaxation techniques to help you find a sense of inner peace and stillness. This class is suitable for all levels, but be prepared to work hard and challenge yourself mentally and physically.

Join us for our classical Hatha yoga class and experience the transformative power of this ancient practice. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and centred.