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Diwali Delights: Light Up Your Yoga Journey with 50% OFF


VALID  From November 10th to 15th


This Diwali, Lifestyle Yoga brings you an exclusive offer that will add a spark of wellness to your celebrations. Our “Diwali Delights” theme is designed to resonate with the festive spirit and illuminate your path to a healthier, happier you.

Tranquil Tri-Months

Let the first three months of the year be the foundation of your health & happiness journey. Embrace tranquility and strength with  50% off, just like the serene and stable Diya that lights up your world. Join Now Lifestyle Yoga!

Luminous Half-Year

As the festivities light up your surroundings for half the year, light up your life with six months of yoga with 50% off. Achieve balance and vitality with our special Diwali offer, perfectly mirroring the steady glow of Diyas.

Radiant Full Circle

Just as Diwali signifies a fresh start and a full year of joy, our one-year package offers you a complete circle of well-being. With 50% off, make your life as radiant and fulfilling as the Diwali celebration itself.

Let the Light of Yoga Brighten Your Life. Happy Diwali!