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Start Event: 2022-08-07 8:30 am

Location: Live on Zoom

End Event: 2023-01-02 12:00 am

Get on the path of a healthy and happy life by signing up for the 21 Days Meditation Course with Sumit Manav, Core Trainer and Founder of Lifestyle Yoga – A course tailored to integrate holistic goodness into your daily life

21 Yoga and Tantra Meditation for a better insight into yourself and for all those who seek a happier & joyful life.


Everyone has a mind, however, very few of us possess a deep understanding of the potential and functions of the mind. Why is it necessary to understand our mind? The answer is simple and logical. Happiness and suffering are both states of the same mind, so if we want to be free from suffering (in forms of depression, stress, anxiety, etc.) and enjoy true happiness, we need to possess a thorough understanding of the mind and how to control it.

Should you meditate?

The simple and straight-forward answer is “Yes!”

Have you always wanted to establish an everyday meditation practice, which includes:

  • Diving deep into yourself?
  • Experiencing the bliss within and peace within?
  • Becoming sharper and developing clarity?
  • Reaching the height of full potential?
  • Healing your world?

If this is what you were looking for yourself, then you can put this to action immediately and get into the basics of this meditation course that offers you a simple life strategy on how to reduce tension, remove negativity, reduce stress and relax the mind.

Get on to the path of a healthy and happy life by signing up for this 21 days Meditation course tailored in a way that you can easily integrate this into your daily life.

This course can help you become more peaceful, healthy, self-confident, kind, relaxed and creative. Just take a few minutes, breathe slowly, and give it a chance!

Sage Patanjali describes Dhyana as the uninterrupted flow of consciousness, in other words concentration without a break.

It literary means ‘total, nondual, absolute awareness. The power of meditation is beyond our thinking capacity. Those who practice regular meditation reach the heights of perfection, freedom and unlock the hidden power that lies deep inside them.

Hence, this 21 days meditation journey will teach and help you develop the incredible power in your body and mind. So be ready to explore and experience something that you have never done and felt before. This journey will open your doorway to true freedom, bliss and extraordinary power.


  • Concentrate: This is the key learning of mindfulness and of this workshop. Whilst everyone asks you to concentrate since childhood, no one really teaches us the tools with which you can concentrate. This course trains you in achieving this ability – Concentration!
  • Develop clarity: Clarity is something that most of us lack in today’s competitive world. This course will not only guide you towards a clear mind but also instill a clear thought process and help you achieve your goals with ease
  • Heal your world: Where medicines may not help, Yoga strives. Yoga understands that ailments are mere manifestations of internal woes and it helps us tackle the problems from their roots.
  • Master your mind: Once you have controlled your mind, you can control anything in this world. You will be able to have a clear understanding and take control of your life.
  • Manage your Energy: Everybody has a brimming unit of energy that waits to be unleashed and used correctly. With meditation you learn to move, control and channel this energy the way you want to.
  • Develop Willpower: Develop your will power with simple methods and recharge your mental muscles with this course.
  • Recharge and Refuel: Gone are the days of feeling demotivated, lazy and uninspired. With this course you will be up and about and achieving all that you are meant to achieve in only 21 days.
  • Expand your Energy: You will realize with a clear mind and strong conscience you will have more energy on your hand, and youare able to finish tasks that you had planned for the day. Nevertheless, you will see the quality of completion is much better than you thought and you can attribute the credit to yourself.

Last but not the least, this course provides you the tools to a good life – meditation and its techniques. You will realize that you too can do this and can practice it seamlessly anytime, anywhere – a lifelong journey of spiritual unfoldment and holistic goodness.


Get on the path of a healthy and happy life by signing up for the 21 Days Meditation Course with Sumit Manav, Core Trainer and Founder of Lifestyle Yoga – A course tailored to integrate holistic goodness into your daily life

If you yet doubt that life can start transforming in 21 days, stop it and start believing now. The power of meditation is much beyond our thoughts and those who practice it regularly  can reach the height of perfection and freedom. The learn to unlock the hidden powers that lay buried deep into our beings. This 21 day meditation journey will help you unravel the incredible power that you, your mind and body possess. Come, unlock your energies and let the positivity flow uninhibited!

“Mind is the absence of meditation. The moment meditation arises in you, mind is found nowhere.”


  1. 21-Days Lessons
  2. 21- Meditation Practice
  3. Guided Meditation
  4. Characteristics of the mind
  5. Full Access to Course for 3 months
  6. Full Foundation Building for Meditation
  7. Q & A with Sumit Manav