Yoga Trainer

To be a teacher means I must keep learning too. I’m a student and a teacher, which gives me plenty to learn so I can share my newly found knowledge with others. 5 years with Lifestyle Yoga has changed me as a person and made me a better teacher. It has helped strengthen my roots as a human being and given me the perfect platform to perform well. I joined as a beginner and now I am a professional Yoga practitioner.

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My name is Srishti, I am from Haridwar and am proud that I was born in that holy city where the river Ganga flows.
I have started the yoga journey almost 6 years ago. My brother inspired me to do yoga and then I did graduation for 3- year and post-graduation for 2-year with yoga science from the University of Patanjali. I have also qualified UGC NET exam ‘2019.

I have experience teaching individual sessions, small groups and large groups as well with different forms. I take all the classes with an array of breathing techniques, a variety of postures and meditation techniques.

After Joining Lifestyle Yoga, I got much more training with Sumit Manav on different yoga form and styles.

I’ll take you through yoga that can help with balance, strength, posture and energy level. You can try some of these classes even if you’ve never done yoga before.


Main Skills

Yoga Training 80%
Yoga Therapy 90%
Yoga Stretches 80%