Why every yoga class should include meditation!

Yoga, today, due to various influences and theories is a rather misunderstood term. However, for the 21st century to understand the art and stick by it, variety is imperative. So be it your energy packed class of Power Yoga or the reflective session on Mindfulness, Yoga as you know it is meant to cleanse – internally and externally. So, if you’re class isn’t doing that, you know, exactly, what needs to change in life!

An effective Yoga class will work both on the body and mind, thus cleansing the spirit. So even if you have a weight loss routine, unless you control your mind to do so, the results will be minimal. Here is when meditation comes into the picture. However, unlike popular belief, meditation isn’t merely sitting cross legged with eyes shut. It is a process.

Sumit Manav, the dynamic yoga coach of Lifestyle Yoga, swears by its positive effects. It starts off with easing your body into a comfortable posture, relaxing the breath and observing it through the duration, he says.

Just like your body, the mind needs variety too. So meditation could also be done with chants, music, visual imagery etc.Manav, a student of the Osho principles of Meditation believes that the process though aims at concentration, healing and focus, is nothing but a sense of thoughtless awareness. It makes you aware of all the energies and elements within and outside you, which you would have otherwise neglected.

Benefits of Meditation:

  1. Body: Benefits of meditation to our body are multifold. The peaceful mind is the first step to curb palpitation, head ache, blood pressures (High and low) etc. Over the years its positive effect on controlling diabetes, heart disorders, digestion and chronic pain have also been observed.
  1. Mind: A healthy mind is the key to well- being and meditation helps maintain that. It reduces anxiety, stress, insomnia, fatigue etc. It is also widely known to work positively on patients of ADHD, short temper etc, thus creating a balance of sound body and mind.
  1. Lifestyle Benefit:It becomes easier to pan out your day, put in more clarity in each chore, sleep better, relax etc. By cutting out vices like smoking and drinking, you are urged to work better on your body, relationships, outer and inner environment as well, thus bringing forth a holistic development.
  1. Creativity: From your thoughts, aspirations to your actions, novelty and creativity merge in seamlessly. Solving problems becomes easier. Meditation deepens perspective, thus coaxing you to think and create better.
  1. Spiritual Growth: While spirituality may have different connotations for different people, the end goal is the same- self-realization, increased awareness and overall peace. With meditation, your spiritual needs are fulfilled and you find the inner connect, the intuitive powers, and a fine balance between the Shiva- Shakti or the Ida-Pingla.
  1. Personal Growth: Once the three ideals are attained, personal growth isn’t far away. Your decision making improves, confidence boosts up and there is an overall personality molding.

Thus, including meditation in your Yoga class will not only make it a holistic experience, but also add variety to your Asanas and complement it!