Why Surya Namaskar?


Surya Namaskar or salutations to the Sun or the worship of the Sun God- this practise has many names but the aim is only one- sync your body with nature.

The Surya Namaskar is the Universal Source of Energy

The Sun is the complete source of energy and offering a prayer to him every day, early in the morning is believed to bless one with unlimited energy.

“You will find mention of this practice in ancient Indian texts like the Rigveda, in the Chapter “Trucha – Kalpa – Namaskara – Rigveda Nitya Vidhi”, as also in the Puranas. Nitya Vidhi means tasks to be performed daily.”

The Surya Namaskar accompanied by Aumkar (articulating the ‘Aum’ Mantra) is a good exercise which generates an abundance of positive energy and also keeps the body and mind in a state of well being.

Want to know the benefits of Surya Namaskar?

Medical Sciences now also analyse benefits of surya asana exercises by calculating Strength, Endurance, Core stability, Elasticity, Flexibility of the body and Power of the mind. As per the medical science, the human body and mind is a network of various interconnected systems. This all system has one control centre that is known as our most powerful organ- Brain.

Everything works fine if these interconnected chains of systems run smoothly. Extensive research on the subject has proven that the Surya Namaskar effectively strengthens this efficient working of human body systems that we call it as a mind circuit.

Done with full devotion, the Surya Namaskar exercise helps the body to withstand stress and strain of daily work with ease.

As per the yogic practitioners, It is believed that 20 minutes daily of Surya Namaskar can gain 20 more years of Healthy life.

Here are the things that make the Surya Namaskar an ideal exercise

  • Can be performed in a small open space without any need of external probes.
  • No partner is needed. No special outfit is required. But it is good to wear comfortable clothing that can help you stretch out your body with full strength. It is important to wear loose-fitting clothes.
  • Anyone can perform it.
  • The number of Surya Namaskar activities to be performed can be decided as per one’s capacity and strength.
  • Today there are people performing 100 to 300 namaskars every day.
  • The deep breathing performed during this exercise helps increase breathing capacity.
  • Helps reduce abdominal fat and weight, strengthens vertebral columns and back muscles.
  • All muscles remain supple and active.
  • Keeps joints free and active.
  • Gives exercises to all limbs of the body, uniformly and simultaneously.
  • Builds up body resistance to fight diseases
  • Aum Mantra-recitation keeps the mind fresh, including the habit of concentration increasing intellectual grasping power.

Things to take care of

Best hour to perform the Surya Namaskar exercise is at Sunrise. It should be done on an empty stomach. The place should be well ventilated. Do not perform Surya Namaskaras without proper guidance.