Your opportunity to build immunity

Your opportunity to
build immunity!

In today s challenging world, who does
not want to build resilience? 

We have a unique opportunity to build protection and endurance to
improve our resistance to attacks and still thrive. We can recalibrate
and balance, assimilate and detoxify, engage mentally and emotionally
to remain in harmony.

Yoga means to unify or yoke from its original Sanskrit root. When we
practice Yoga with intention and attention, there are several levels of

The asana is the first step and engages physically

Then, we engage emotionally by observing the state of the
emotions – irrespective of what it is.

Then we add the mental engagement to simply watch the
thoughts as they float in and out of our mind

Finally, we add the spiritual engagement by either chanting
the natural sounds of breath and focusing on the third eye.
At this stage, the energy in our bodies flow unhindered
through the channels (Nadis).

Practicing in the above fashion brings about a holistic change in one’s
physical well-being and mental state. This state also brings an internal
focus to diet, relationships, and genetics – all of which are also required to
build resilience and improve immunity.

The alignment of the energy channels internally allows us to choose
nourishing food habits, healthier and positive relationships which in turn
helps us to handle our inherited genes with more acceptance and grace.

Much like dancers performing in unison, our body and mind can be drawn
together through mindful breathing to create harmony. However, the art of
practicing Yoga is uniquely personal and non-competitive. When one
practices with inherent curiosity and persistently queries the desires and
outcomes, is constantly experiencing the thinking, feeling and doing, one
draws from within, the source of energy and power.

Many of the focus areas in practicing Yoga
are spinal health, circulation, digestion,
inflammation reduction, hormone balance
through various Asanas. These directly
contribute to our immune function. A simple
deep breathing technique through the nose
increases the production of nitric oxide.

Nitric Oxide produced internally in the
nasal passages is a natural blood vessel
dilator which increases oxygen supply to
the lungs. Such natural health boosters
applying Pranayama techniques can
boost our resilience, soothe the
nervous system, and reduce stress.

Evidently, there is no panacea or a magic cure – these solutions are drawn
out a consistent daily practice of small doses, over a period. But
maintaining Abhyasa (regular and periodic practice), Vairagya (developing
non-attachment and learning to graciously let go) develops a vitality and
inculcates a sense of contentment. All of these in turn contribute to raising
one’s immunity levels.

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