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LifestyleYoga is the employee experience platform which helps companies reward, motivate and inspire their people — both in the workplace and at home.

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Lifestyle Yoga’s corporate wellness program has been specially curated to maximize positive impact on the body and mind. It ensures the overall wellbeing of the participants and engages them in fun sessions, exercise-based routines with equal impact on breathing, bonding, meditating and stretching!

Strategic Alignment 
UAE National Strategy for
Wellbeing 2031
UAE National Program for
Happiness & Wellbeing
in the Workplace

Proven Benefits

Best Practices

Designed by Experts

Sumit Manav

Founder Lifestyle Yoga (2008)

National Yoga Champion

Over 20-year Experience

Edwin Ebinger

 PhD Applied Sociology

Formar U.S. Government

Senior Fiscal Planner

Trusted by 100 plus businesses

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