First timer’s

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Unlock the full potential of your body, mind and spirit with Lifestyle yoga – an invigorating workout that combines physical intensity and mindful awareness. Join us on our journey to share this life-changing practice with people all around the world!

Before Your First Studio Class

Reserve your mat to secure a tranquil practice experience on our punchpass app or on website. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior for the opportunity to greet your teacher and get connected before savoring an unforgettable yoga journey!

What to Expect In During LSY Classes

Get ready to be motivated and energized with a classroom experience unlike any other! Enjoy the invigorating music selection as your teacher motivates you through an intense, sweat-inducing workout – even without heat.

First Timers FAQ

Maximize your yoga experience by positioning yourself near the back of the classroom—close to a door or side wall. That way, you can use other yogis as visual references for proper form and alignment during practice! Don’t forget to let your teacher know that it’s your first time; they’re more than happy to give extra guidance and support so that everything goes smoothly.

Don’t be late! Make sure to arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to class, and bring your a mat, – and don’t forget those fitted moisture-wicking clothes. To ensure safety standards in the studio are met, just check out your studios’ detail page for all of their important information.

Get the most out of your yoga class by refueling properly! For an evening practice, eat balanced meals throughout the day and a snack beforehand. If you’re practicing in the morning, enjoy a small banana or berries 30 minutes prior to beginning; for breakfast opt for nutrient-packed smoothies with lots of fruit, nuts and protein powder – make it extra healthy with some spinach too! Remember that large meals should be taken at least 2-4 hour before your session begins so you can engage deeply into poses without feeling overly full.

Yoga is a great way to bring balance and peace into your life – but the key to success lies in consistency! Start by aiming for 3-5 weekly sessions, and you’ll be rewarded with progress over time. Your body could even handle more if that’s what appeals – so why not see how far yoga can take you?

If you’re looking for the perfect introduction to yoga, why not try our LSY Healing Series or any one of our incredible classes! From Yin Yoga and Flexi Flow through to Chakra Flow – we have something for everyone. What’s more, all levels are welcome; just chat with your instructor both before and after class if you need help finding the best fit. Come along today, begin (or continue) your journey into yoga bliss!

Experience a completely unique and transformative yogic journey with our one-of-a kind yoga method. Enjoy modern spaces filled with all the essentials that create an ideal place to centre your strength, as you’re guided by highly trained instructors who understand this specialized practice. Whatever stage of development in which you find yourself, we offer a diverse selection of classes perfect for everyone along their mastery path!