Breathwork for business

Energize your team for well-being, resilience, performance & creativity. The science of energy breathing for businesses.


A growing number of studies show that breathing techniques are effective against anxiety and insomnia.

These techniques influence both physiological factors (by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system) and psychological factors (by diverting attention from thoughts).

Because these techniques are safe and easy to use, scientific validation might result in their being more frequently recommended and practiced.


Breathwork for business, Sumit Manav empower & motivate your team with extensive Conscious & yogic Breathing (or Breathwork) exercise tool-kit, delivering on-demand results anytime and anywhere

Sumit Manav shares his 25 years of learning, experience, and research on breathwork. He uniquely combines scientifically proven breathing tools with neuroscience, visualization, gentle movement and meditation delivering interactive sessions that are fun and informative while being powerful at the same time!

What to expect?

Our bespoke approach and wide range of solutions for each company…

Your company is unique with its own culture, challenges, needs and objectives. That’s why our service method to you is always bespoke.

We have designed and delivered a range of tailored workshops and training programmes for organizations of all sizes and in all sectors.

A good place to start maybe with a Taster Session. We offer subject-specific events such as Chair Yoga, Breathwork for destressing,  Resilience Workshop and Deep Relaxation to Sleep Well Workshop catering to your teams’ specific needs.

Following the taster session or workshops, your teams can also benefit from Regular Classes supporting their learning and self-practice.

Flexible delivery to suit your needs

Each of our events are uniquely suited to online and on-site delivery as they don’t require a specific space, equipment or clothing.