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Explore Authentic Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai!

Take a transformative journey and unlock the secrets to becoming an accomplished yoga teacher or deepening your personal practice. Explore new possibilities within yourself and gain understanding of this ancient art form.

What makes us unique and authentic?


Expand your horizons and dive deep into the ever-evolving practice of yoga with Lifestyle Yoga's Teacher Training program. Here, you'll find a community that encourages growth through connection and inspires lifelong learning – creating lasting relationships among yogis nationwide.


Our Teacher Training leaders are professionals in the art of yoga instruction, as well as mentors for adults to refine their knowledge. Our curriculum is designed with leading industry experts and Yoga Alliance standards; we provide comprehensive study into anatomy, physiology and ayurveda studies.


From mastering the fundamentals of yogic history and philosophy to perfecting your asana (posture) technique, this course will give you all the knowledge and confidence needed for a successful yoga teaching career. With personalized feedback from our experienced instructors, not only will you become an expert in teaching yoga - but gain deeper insight into yourself along the way!

Find you Teacher Training Program

50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level-1 (April 20th - 25th,2024)

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

In Person Prana Teacher Training (March 23th - 27th, 2024

Pranayma Teacher Training

100 hour yin and pranayama teacher training course

100 Hr Yin Yoga & Pranayama Teacher Training

Chakra Awakening Course in Dubai (April 6th - 14th)

Chakra Illumination: Unveiling Inner Energy

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Sep 16th Onwards)

200-hr Yoga Teacher Training
New Date Coming Soon


Advance Yoga Teacher Training-New Date Coming Soon

Dhyana Teacher Training | Weekend Only Course - From Feb 26th

200 hr Yoga TTC (U.K)

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training UK (Sep 16th Onwards)

Corporate Wellness Teacher Training

50 hr Yin Yoga TTC (U.K.)

50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training UK Level-1 (May 20th Onwards))

50 Hour Yin Yoga & Meditation Training Level-2 (Feb 12th - 17th, 2021)

50-Hour Prana Teacher Training (Sep 17th to 23rd, 20210

Welcome to Lifestyle Yoga – The Academy of Dubai Teacher Training

Lifestyle Yoga is a dedicated best yoga teacher training Dubai academy. We have helped thousands of yoga teachers to realize their dream of becoming knowledgeable persons in all departments of yoga. Our exceptional yoga teacher training Dubai provides teachers with a profound calibre to train their students in various departments of yoga. The best yoga teacher training Dubai we provide enables teachers to stand out and live for yoga and become flag bearers of yoga in the national and international stages.

Accredited Yoga Teacher Training Dubai

We are an accredited yoga training Dubai academy. Our instructors are well qualified and experienced. We offer various courses, and all of them are termed yoga teacher in Dubai, and each training course is known for its depth and quality. You can enrol your name for a teacher training yoga courses, and at the end of the course, you will be fully qualified to run yoga classes in any locations in the world. A six-month course can change your life and transform you to be a renowned teacher. Hence, we exhort you to make the most of the opportunities we offer in our yoga studios Dubai.