Dhyana Teacher Training


Accredteid with Yoga Alliance USA

Lifestyle Yoga introducing the Dhyana Course with Dr. Swami Mahayana. 50-Hour Dhyana or Meditation Course with Dr. Swami Mahavanam is starting from Feb 26th, 2022 for over the period of 3-weekends.

After quietening many minds and soul in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai we are set for another course full of vast knowledge and mindfulness meditation experience. Truly very humbling to witness the unprecedented response from Dubai Community.


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Who can attend this course: The 3 Weeks Format is designed for all levels of practitioners. This signature course is an eclectic fusion led by revered masters of Yoga and Meditation who are directly connected to the source of practice. This course is also open for Yoga Teachers willing to acquire meditation as teaching skills, anyone who wants to acquire deep personal transformation, anyone who wants to commit into a disciplined lifestyle, anyone who wants to become more aware of them deeply.

Why take this course?

This course is accredited & certified with US Yoga Alliance

Dhyaan Curriculum

Dhyana Meditation Course- 50 hours

Three Weekends- Friday and Saturday (9:30 am to 5:30 pm = 8 hours per day) so three weekends means 6 days X 8 hours = 48 hours plus 2 hours teaching experience makes a total of 50 hours)

Starting From February 26th, 2022




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Email to info@lifestyleyogaworld.com

Dr. Swami Mahavanam is a gifted personality born in a brahmin family in India. He started his inquisitive search at the age of10, towards mysterious world, Life revelations and illuminative spirituality. He studied science in Senior Secondary Education, History in Graduation and then surrendered his life through the rigorous practice of Life Science, such as, Yoga; Vedanta; Tantra; Ayurveda; Astrology; Quantum theory, Diagnosis and Therapy, Music etc. to understand and experience life in toto.

He has stayed 12 years in Close proximity with Swami Satyananda at Bihar School Of Yoga, Munger. He has visited many cults and clans, teachers and professors, doctors and Scientists, Social workers and reformers, schcx)ls, colleges and Hospitals to learn, share and cherish the depth of wisdom into practice and profession. He has also visited Prisons and jails, Sick and rogue, Confused and forlorn people, to understand them in a better way, to study, research and support them at their level. He has also delivered countless lectures on difficult subjects of life to millions of people. He is keen and passionate to practice “Holistic healing and Total Wellness” to the entire mankind on earth. He is capable to tackle most of the health issues, mental andmoral support, spiritual quarries and guidance. He understands life in a deep and wide spectrum. He is all in one at his capacity. He provides many kinds of therapeutic services through several disciplines of treatment and practices. He also conducts workshops, lectures and courses on numerous subjects.

It is a matter of immense pride for the opportunity to have the services of a Senior Consultant and Life Scientist, like Dr. Swami Mahavanam Saraswati, who is well-versed and authoritative in his skill and wisdom. We are sure that you would enjoy learning under his able guidance and will find his teaching techniques deep and wide understanding of the subject immensely useful.