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Following 20 years of dedicated teaching and expanding his own knowledge through research and learning, Sumit Manav (Founder) introduces 35 authentic and unique Yoga styles that is suitable for anyone. He believes in the power of evolution through traditional Yoga practices, and these bespoke Yoga styles will take you through this journey of Self-Transformation.

In today’s fast-paced world, our lifestyle hampers our body’s well-being by accumulating toxins, resulting in creation of stress, diseases and illnesses, thereby deteriorating one’s health.
This is where the pivotal role of Yoga & Meditation comes into effect, which has proven to be tremendously beneficial for our body and mind.

We believe the that this is the core value of our brand, Lifestyle Yoga. So let’s make Yoga our Lifestyle, rather than a trend.

Yoga Group Class Dubai – The Best Opportunity to Discover your Potential

Lifestyle Yoga offers group yoga classes for beginners. Group classes are comprised of a maximum of six candidates and a trainer. This enables the trainer to provide adequate and personalized attention to each one of the participants. This is a convenient option if you want to learn yoga with your friends or family members. We are committed to offering Dubai yoga classes at a time convenient for you. You can practice yoga in your home or the location you choose to be with your friends. Yoga group class provides an amazing experience of fullness in life and will help you discover your true potentials.

Beginner Yoga for Weight Loss

We offer numerous sessions of beginner yoga for weight loss in Dubai. These sessions are specially designed with specific asana and breathing exercises that will enable you to lose weight at a faster pace. We also provide yoga group classes Dubai for weight loss. Individuals with the same thinking pattern and eager to shed weight can come together and register for our online training sessions. When you are in a group, you will find the yoga sessions more interesting. We provide the best yoga classes in Dubai with the world’s best yoga instructors.

Yoga classes for beginners aren’t one size fits for all. We have different approaches to various age groups. We have introductory classes, and these sessions will introduce you to yoga before you start to do full-fledged yogasanas. Whether you are highly trained or a beginner, our yoga group class will take you to the next levels of yoga practice.


This series includes the 7-elements of physical fitness, which are 1) Body composition, 2) Cardiovascular fitness, 3) Muscular strength, 4) Muscular endurance, 5) Agility, 6) Balance and 7) Flexibility. Each class in this series is authentic yet powerful, which will make your body and mind soon habituated to these sessions.

LSY Healing Series

To be healthy, it is important to have a healthy routine and follow a healthy lifestyle. It is common to see individuals these days experiencing lifestyle disorders, which basically require conscious changes to be made by the individuals themselves to rectify their way of living.

Yoga & Meditations helps to plays a vital role in this by adopting 4 ancient elements to make healing through yoga effective:

  • Achar: Right and scientific yoga practices
  • Vichar: Right thought and attitude
  • Ahar: Healthy or ‘Sattvic’ eating practices
  • Vihar: Deep relaxation of body and mind
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