Spine Healing

With rising levels of stress, sedentary lifestyle and long hours of work, we be become susceptible to the world’s most common ailment – Backpain. Of course, the causes are multifarious, but Spine Healing helps you cure it gently.

The mantra to heal the spine is simple. LSY uses 8 principles to bring life and energy back to your spine.

  1. Flexion, rounds the spine forward
  2. Extension, rounds the spine back
  3. Rotation, twists the spine
  4. Side bending, lateral flexion of the spine
  5. Axial extension, decompresses and vertically elongates the spine
  6. Flexibility, releases the tension from every tissue and ligament of the spine
  7. Strengthening, using the unique asana flow to make the spine stronger
  8. Core strength complements the spine. A step by step yogic process to build the strength of the core


  • Relaxes and stretches back muscles.
  • Prevents re-injury.
  • Helps maintain an optimum level of exercise.
  • Improves posture, thus reducing spine woes.
  • Alignment of the spine.
  • Improve the vital energy into the spine

This class is a perfect suit for anyone with back pain or alignment issue.

Please discuss with the teacher before you join the class.


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