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At Lifestyle Yoga, we understand that, there are circumstances or reasons by which you as our patron would like to have strict confidentiality to the type of exercises or ailments you would want us to look at. Lifestyle Yoga Therapy is our way of maintaining that strict confidentiality and also giving you, personalised guidance on how you have to approach life or any ailment you suffer from.
Yoga Therapy has several benefits like weight loss, relief in back pain, slip disc problem, de-stress, improving strength, etc.


Yoga therapy is a growing field in integrative healthcare, based on the mounting research in top yoga’s therapeutic benefit. With educational standards and scope of practice beyond those of yoga teaching, yoga therapists use the tools of yoga to empower individuals toward wellbeing.


Yoga therapy sessions are often one-on-one or in small groups of people with similar conditions or life situations.

Our Yoga Therapist first step is to take your health history into account and, though we don’t make a medical diagnosis, we provide an individualized assessment of your health using tools including:

– Observation of posture movement and breath
– Question about mood and lifestyle
– Observations through the lens of yogic subtle anatomies, such as the vayus and the five koshas. Kishar is 5-layers or “sheaths” that make you up to yourself, The koshas start with physical wellbeing and end with bliss. As Yoga therapists, we consider all aspects of your wellbeing. for example, Arthritis is your physical body and may be affecting your emotions and a deeper connection to bliss, while your emotions may be exacerbating the pain. From these observations, we create a personalized or tailored plan of care for each client using tools such as poses, breathwork, meditation, and lifestyle suggestions.

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Yoga For Backpain


With rising levels of stress, sedentary lifestyles and long hours of work, we are most susceptible to the world’s most common ailment- Backpain. Ofcourse, the causes are multifarious, but Yoga helps you heal it gently. This is how it works on you:

  • Relaxes and stretches back muscles
  • Prevents re-injury
  • Works on different areas of your back
  • Helping maintain an optimum level of exercise
  • Improves posture, thus reduces spine woes

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Diabetes Management


Diabetes is of two types – Type 1, where there is no production of insulin and Type 2, where the body does not produce ‘enough’insulin. Major causes of both of these are seen to be stress, rising blood sugar levels, sedentary lifestyles, genetics, lack of exercise and/or eating wrong etc.

Yoga helps you relieve stress, thus regulating cortisol and other stress hormones. It reduces blood sugar levels, enhances your mobility and rejuvenates your body- making it healthy each day!

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Weight Loss Yoga


Weight issues afflict people through all ages, social barriers, economic statuses etc. One simple, tactful way to tackle these woes is to stay fit. Yoga helps you do just that!

A regular practice of Power Yoga and/or Ashtanga Yoga coupled with adequate therapy can benefit you with positive results. OurAsanas are curated to flush out the toxins, realign your body and tone it, so as to enhance your well- being.

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Yoga For Arthiritis


Joint pain, swelling or stiffness? It may just be Arthritis. With over 100 different types, this ailment affects age groups across societies and economic barriers. Often ignored till the later stages, arthritis is one ailment that can be tackled with mere good exercise and food habits!

Our classes and therapy are designed to take you through each stage gently. While the exercises will help you oil those joints and strengthen them, the meditation sessions will help you focus towards good health!

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Yoga For Stress + Anxiety

The world we live in poses challenges at each stage. These challenges, bring along stress and anxieties. While an optimum level of these act as motivators, even a slight increase is bound to tick us off. Often, it is the latter!

Yoga helps you tackle this menace. Keeping your body and mind in absolute focus, Yoga ensures you hold the reigns of stress and anxiety and not the other way round. Similarly, it also helps cure depressions, PTSD’s, nervousness etc which are graduate stages of stress and anxiety.

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Yoga for Insomnia


Insomnia refers to sleeplessness. An increasingly common phenomenon, it is found to affect youngsters and the elderly, alike. The causes for this could range from increased levels of stress, hypertensions, diabetes, body weakness or pain, chaotic thoughts etc.

A recent research agrees to Yoga being the one stop solution towards insomnia’s physiological and psychological causes. While the asanas ensure you get your body moving, softer aspects like the Yoga Nidra or meditation can help induce sleep!

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Yoga For Heart Ailments


The weakest and most vulnerable organ in the body is the heart- be it a physical or emotional cause. Thus the need to protect it becomes utmost important.

Yoga helps you lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels and change your life pattern. It also aids respiratory functions and boosts circulation. All these contribute towards good health and thus a good heart. Yoga is also increasingly prescribed for those who have just suffered cardiac events- thus impacting it at any and every stage!

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Yoga for Hypertension


Blood pressure in the arteries should be at an optimum levels, however most individuals today exhibit either high or low pressure levels. Although it doesn’t have direct symptoms it is an important factor causing major health problems like coronary heart diseases, strokes, kidney problems, vision loss, vascular dysfunctions etc.

Thus a need to curb pressure levels and optimize hypertension becomes imperial. Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Dhyana Yoga work positively on this. The focus is on the body as well as the mind. Thus working on the ailment two-fold!

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Yoga for Sciatic Pain

sciatica pain

From the lumbar and sacral region of your spine, individual nerve roots branch out to converge at the lower back and form the largest single nerve in the body- the Sciatic nerve. Sciatica occurs when this nerve is irritated, compressed at or near its point of origin. This causes numbness and pain from your lower back, to lower limbs, feet to even your upper limbs.

The relief to this pain would be to realign the body and improve postures. Various postures in Hatha Yoga aim to focus on building core strength and setting a tone for the body, thus benefiting those suffering from sciatica!

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