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Life patterns are changing and so are your employees. However, often, if given a chance to choose between health and career goals, they’d choose the latter. It is time you help them find a middle ground!

This is where corporate wellness helps. It saves time, helps team bonding, changes routine at work, gives you a break when you need it (and a healthy one at that), stimulates ideas, fuels healthy competitiveness and thus increases productivity- and what better way than the yoga way!

Lifestyle Yoga’s corporate wellness program has been specially curated to maximize positive impact on the body and mind. It ensures the over-all wellbeing of the participants and engages them in fun sessions, exercise based routines with equal impact on breathing, bonding, meditating and stretching!

Benefits Behind


A study done by the University of Bristol observed the effects of midday workouts on 200 employees at an IT firm.Their research showed: