How to improve golf with yoga

Unlikely partners, one would think? The former allows one to twist into unreasonably difficult postures while the latter allows oneself to indulge in an occasional swing and saunter through pleasant surroundings. This is the general impression that people may have on both Yoga and Golf.

Why not we draw a comparison between the pursuits and see how each one may complement the other? The first and foremost is the fact that in both pursuits, one is competing with oneself. The strive is to be better than what we were. You may be doing a group Yoga class or playing Golf with a partner. Nevertheless, in each one, the limit to performance is simply determined by oneself. The ultimate goal of both is to be better than how one was.

In each sphere then, we have the intense ability to live in the moment. Whether you are practicing a Warrior pose with your forward thigh parallel to the ground, with your hips straight and concentration flowing to the areas that experience discomfort to soothe it with energy waves and focus on being still, or preparing to putt across the green. The last superb shot does not matter now – it is past, the future of reduced par score is irrelevant as the putt that is now, grabs and consumes your present. In this way, both Yoga and Golf play a part in developing mindfulness.

Yoga is an inward journey, the contemplation of your own feelings and thoughts that distill and find a joyful spot that is entirely internal to you. Similarly in Golf, as you trudge the walk across 18 holes, you are contemplating and coming to terms with your own thoughts all the time.

Yoga complements Golf

Proper practice of Yoga develops a functional flexibility around the joints. This is a combination of mobility (range of motion) and flexibility (muscle elasticity or tensile strength) both of which are invaluable in any golf swing. The terms of stability, balance, endurance, body composition, core power are synonymous to both Yoga and Golf. Regular practice of Yoga enhances these qualities leading one to be a more athletic golfer.

Love & Namaste 

Lifestyle Yoga Team