Are you up for an exciting body challenge? Enjoy one month of a body, mind & heart transformative Yoga journey – Be part of our Power Yoga Challenge! Join our April/May Power Yoga Challenge for one month of intensive Yoga workouts & routines that are going to energise your body, mind & soul. Prepare your body for the ultimate Yoga experience and be part of a dynamic group of passionate Yogis, three times a week.

Why join the Transformative Power Yoga Challenge?

  1. Build strength and stamina
  2. Burn between 600-800 calories per session
  3. Get rid of the bloat
  4. Kick that excess fat away!
  5. Start your day early, fresh; energised for a full working dayahead – Or end your day in a relaxing body form
  6. Fun workout led by experienced and professional Yogainstructor Sumit Manav