Thinking of DETOX? Do the Shankh Prakshalana!

Our lives move at a speed that our insides do not necessarily agree with. Thus, it is important to calm down once in a while, and bring all the reigns in tandem. This is the essence of detoxification – delineating the toxins from your body to give you a healthy mind and spirit.

Since ages, Yogis have been prescribing a special tool for detoxification – Shankh Prakshalana. This literally means conch cleansing. An important tool in Hatha Yoga, the process refers to deep cleansing of the intestines and bowels. Yoga sciences believe the body is a hinterland of energies and each organ has a specific role to play in this energy ecosystem. The intestines, for example, are the roots that hold the entire functioning together. One rupture here, and the effects are seen all over!

Since the intestines are shaped like a conch, its cleansing is called conch cleansing i.e. Shankh Prakshalana. The process involves cleansing of the entire alimentary canal – from the mouth to the anus. Also called Varisara Dhauti, it starts off with a light meal the previous night. On the day of the actual cleansing, drink warm water with dissolved rock salt and a dash of lime. Follow the following postures in cycles of 8 after consuming the water:

  • TADASANA (Mountain Pose)
  • TRIYAKA TADASANA (Swinging Palm Tree Pose)
  • KATICHARASANA (Waist Rotating Pose)
  • TRIYAKA BHUJANGASANA (Twisted Cobra Pose)
  • UDARAKARSHANA (Abdominal Stretch Pose)

Ensure you are well hydrated before every two rounds. You may also feel the need to visit the washroom often and this is normal. Once you are through with this, do the Vamana dhauti – Cleansing of the stomach and rest in Shavasana or Yoga Nidra. The meal followed post this practice is wholesome, but without too much spice, salt or oil – this helps restore energy and lubricate your digestive tract.

How does this help?

  • Your intestines and digestive tracts can now work at their optimum best
  • Relives constipation, menstrual cramps, flatulence, indigestion, acidity as well as acne and boils.
  • Fights urinary infections
  • Keeps kidney stones at bay
  • The meal involves a simple Khichri – mixture of rice and lentils. This forms a protective coating over the intestinal walls

The Shankh Prakashalana is just one of the numerous ways of Yogic detoxification.

At the rate at which our body suffers due to our schedules, detoxification once a month is the least we can do. Happy Cleansing!