Yin Yoga & Third Eye Awakening

Chakra System:

Yoga is essentially based on the seven-chakra system that lies along the spine, from the base to the crown of the head, and each of these chakra points is responsible for the organs and gland’s healthiness in its region. The chakras are not only responsible for the organs and glands, but this extends and contributes to our personality traits and characteristics. Of these seven chakras, one of the most important and fascinating is the Ajna Chakra or Third Eye.



Are you seeking a nice, short and lovely Yin yoga and Chakra activation course that will bring an amazing and fresh feeling within, You will rejuvenate and become flexible. Let your mind soar and your soul sing. Sumit Manav will guide you through Yin yoga and Chakra meditation to heal and connect to the self.

This course is crafted for all the levels looking to reinsure their practice. Get ready for the longest holding postures and deeper breathing that will help you release all the tension and make you feel refreshed.


Yin Yoga: This style of Yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body (vs. the superficial tissues) and the fascia that covers the body; Yin Yoga is to help regulate the flow of energy in the body. Yin Yoga is unique in that you are asked to relax in the posture, soften the muscle and move closer to the bone; offering much deeper access to the body.

What Includes:

1. Yin yoga intro

2. Yin yoga on your back

3. Yin yoga for pelvic

4. Yin yoga for knee and shoulder

5. Yin Yoga for Upper Body

6. Yin Yoga for Happy Hip

Third Eye Effect:

Activating our pineal gland/third eye metaphysically opens our eyes from a deep spiritual slumber. It allows us to begin to perceive the ‘truth’ that surrounds us. This means that you will start seeing that the world we live in is full of control and inequalities, and out of harmony with the rest of the universe. You will feel a desire to be free and live in a world full of love, compassion, and truth. Ultimately you will feel the connection to all that is around you in nature and feel a deeper connection with the universe. It is a profound sense, that allows you to see beauty in all things and realize that your physical self isn’t your true self.

There is a saying, “I guarantee you and your day will be a lot better if you listen to your third eye blind now.” The 6th chakra present in the human body dotted at the forehead is known as the Third eye or the Ajna Chakra which primarily governs the pineal gland and vision, memory and imagination in the human beings. In case the third eye is blocked or closed, one is unable to listen to his inner voice and also might suffer from various signs and symptoms of depression, panic attacks, and many other illnesses. There are some ways which can be followed to open the third eye which can also be referred to as the third eye healing.

Our goal in life is to have Balance: Our goal is to become One with yourself. Sumit Manav

   Who is Teaching?

This workshop will be led by Sumit Manav – Our master Yogi and the founder of Lifestyle Yoga studios.

Sumit studied in Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya in the Himalayas, one of the best traditional Yoga schools where he completed his postgraduate studies in Yoga and Human Consciousness there. He was also trained by BKS Iyengar in Pune where he learned and practiced Iyengar Yoga and Osho Dynamic Meditation.

Today, Sumit spreads his wisdom of Yoga by practicing and facilitating progressive Yoga through dynamic asanas, pranayamas, counseling, reflex actions, and therapy. He has trained and facilitated many corporate workshops and has conducted induction programs for beginners as well as professional group classes. Hundreds of people,particularly those suffering from diabetes and hypertension, have benefited from his Pranic Healing

Yoga always has been the yogi’s lifestyle, Not the people trend.


Fairmont Hotel, Near Trade Centre
Date & Timings

August 11th- August 15th


Total 7.5 Hours Journey

AED 299/- Plus 5% VAT

Terms and Conditions:

20-Spots available

Advance booking required


No Refunds and credit will be given for cancellation

All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.

Yoga mats, Changing rooms & shower facility are available at the location.

Booking can be done through calling on our Tol- FREE: 800-59642 or WhatsApp- 0552223542

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