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6-Days Heart Opening & Healing Program

6-Days Heart Opening & Healing Program

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Price: 450

Start Event: 2023-01-22 7:30 pm

Location: Shangrila hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road

End Event: 2023-01-27 8:30 pm

6-Days Heart Opening & Healing Program

From 15th Jan to 20th, 2023

Let the soothing and healing power of yoga unlock hidden joys in your heart — those youthful, buoyant feelings you thought were lost. The 6-day program offers restorative practices to bring a newfound lightness that will fill up your spirit with love once again. 

This is an invitation: take this opportunity to open yourself back up and drop any stored baggage standing in the way of feeling appreciated for all that makes you special. Let us help reignite what’s already inside; miracles are waiting!

Embark on an enriching 6-day journey of yoga and meditation to rekindle your connection with yourself! Let go of any baggage keeping you back, find peace in self-care, breathe life into a soothing atmosphere, nourish both soul and spirit – it all awaits. Give yourself the love you deserve today.



6-Days Heart Opening & Healing Program

Day 1

Heart Warming flow & Anahata Meditation

This heart-opening yoga class allows you to connect fully and deeply with your heart’s true desires. Led by Sristhi, the warm flow of backbends, lunges, and thigh-opening postures builds up to the heart-stretching beauty of One-Legged Wheel Pose. Through gentle encouragement and reminders from LSY throughout class, you will access a new level of joy, passion and grace while deepening your understanding of why and what you love. Step into this heart-warming experience today and fill yourself with heart-full joy! We will also meditate on Heart Chakra towards the end of the session.

Day 2

Heart Wide Open and Breathwork

An open heart allows for an open mind. Heart opening yoga, a practice rooted in breathwork and gentle backbends, is the perfect way to explore this heart-mind connection. Allowing practitioners – of any level or ability – time to move with their bodies and expand the heart space, heart opening yoga can be an incredibly grounding experience. By incorporating energy work and heart-opening postures, one can leave with a sense of stillness, connectedness and an open heart and mind.

Day 3

Joyful & Compassionate Heart

Embrace your heart-opening yoga practice with Srishti & Tanu! Revered since ancient times, the proverb “The joyful heart is good medicine” speaks true – an open heart brings us joy and is a form of healing. A heart-opening practice can help us to let go and rekindle our sense of joy, physical strength and spiritual well-being.

Day 4

Strength Through Vulnerability

In heart opening yoga, vulnerability is viewed in a new light. Through this practice we can build strength in body and spirit by allowing ourselves to open up to vulnerable moments. It is even said that when we open up the psoas muscle, we create space in the heart and spine. In heart opening yoga, no matter our level of physical or spiritual strength, by taking the time to be vulnerable, one can create groundedness and presence. Heart opening yoga encourages us to create changes not just on a physical level but a mental and spiritual level as well. Opening our heart more deeply gives us both strength and connection within the self.

Day 5

Flow for a grateful heart

This heart opening yoga session is designed to provide a balanced and complete practice representing the cycle of gratitude each season offers us. Our goal is to create collective energy and imbue the space with an abundance of freedom. We will move our energy through forward folds, twists, side-bends, balance postures and back-bends. Although heart-opens often arise within one breath and pass away in the next, we will use this class as an opportunity to uncover layers of ourselves both physically and spiritually – no perfection necessary! During this experience every movement is a chance for greater awareness so come ready to renew your relationship with gratitude!

Day 6

Bound Wild Thing

Camatkarasana, or “Wild Thing” yoga is a heart-opening journey. In this class, we will explore Wild Thing with a unique bind that requires balance and tests your capability. We will move our practice all the way from the tops of your feet to the top of your head as you place mindful attention on placement of your shoulders to get an extra layer of depth in Wild Thing – even with one leg lifted. Expect to experience an energizing and vibrant class – after all, smiles are not off limits!

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  • 6-Days Heart Opening & Healing Program (In-Studio)

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