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Like the name suggests, Agni Yoga focuses on activating the fire in the abdominal area or Manipur chakra. It works on the core area & solar plexus of the body. In the ancient practice of Ayurveda medicine, Agni is considered a form of energy. It is the biological fire that controls metabolism, digestion and the immune system.


  • Activate the solar plexus.
  • Tones the core.
  • Massages the abdomen region resulting in better digestion, circulation and blood flow.
  • Restores strength and agility.
  • Improves flexibility and postures.
  • Alleviate back pain.
  • Releases toxins.
  • Improves stress management.
Core Strength
Weight Loss
Calory Burn


If you are pregnant and looking for ways to relax and stay fit, you may consider Prenatal Yoga classes. Research suggests that Prenatal Yoga is a perfect and safe technique for pregnant women and their baby.

Becoming a mother is a special experience. Lifestyle Yoga helps pregnant women to maintain their mental and physical health throughout the prenatal period. This class ensures the safety of pregnant women and helps them achieve a state of well-being. Our instructors are trained to take special care of expecting mother’s physical requirements. Also, we make you comfortable so don’t hesitate to start!


  • Reduces lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, headaches and shortness of breath.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Empowers the mother-to-be to have a healthy and conscious birth experience.
  • Helps to keep you fit whilst being sensitive to the baby and mother.
  • Strengthens birthing muscles.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Balance Hormones.


spine healing class paragraph: Do you suffer from back pain?

Millions of people do, and it can be incredibly debilitating. But don’t worry, help is on the way. Spine Healing Yoga Class can show you how to get your life back without any pain or discomfort.

Imagine being able to move with ease and without any pain. Picture yourself being able to participate in all the activities you love again without restriction. That’s what our spine healing can offer you – a life free from back pain.

Join us today for spine healing yoga class! You won’t regret it.

With rising levels of stress, sedentary lifestyle and long hours of work, we be become susceptible to the world’s most common ailment – Backpain. Of course, the causes are multifarious, but Spine Healing helps you cure it gently.

The mantra to heal the spine is simple. LSY uses 8 principles to bring life and energy back to your spine.

  1. Flexion, rounds the spine forward
  2. Extension, rounds the spine back
  3. Rotation, twists the spine
  4. Side bending, lateral flexion of the spine
  5. Axial extension, decompresses and vertically elongates the spine
  6. Flexibility, releases the tension from every tissue and ligament of the spine
  7. Strengthening, using the unique asana flow to make the spine stronger
  8. Core strength complements the spine. A step by step yogic process to build the strength of the core


  • Relaxes and stretches back muscles.
  • Prevents re-injury.
  • Helps maintain an optimum level of exercise.
  • Improves posture, thus reducing spine woes.
  • Alignment of the spine.
  • Improve the vital energy into the spine

This class is a perfect suit for anyone with back pain or alignment issue.

Please discuss with the teacher before you join the class.


Stress has become a very common issue, which is usually caused due to the gap between our expectation and reality. The philosophy is simple – more the gap, more the stress. So expect nothing and accept everything! While an optimum level of stress acts as motivators, even a slight increase is bound to tick us off. Often, it is the latter.

Yoga helps you tackle this by keeping your body and mind in focus. Yoga ensures you hold the reigns of stress and anxiety and not the other way around. It also helps cure depressions, PTSD, nervousness, to name a few, which are all varied stages of stress and anxiety.

We have tailored this class to get rid of stress and find your happier and content self through breathing techniques, physical movement, mental imagery, stretching and mindfulness meditation.


  • Helps you to concentrate on the positive aspects of life.
  • Helps you to balance the connection between your body and mind.
  • Provides you
  • Perfect session to get better sleep.
  • Achieve emotional balance


Insomnia refers to sleeplessness. An increasingly common phenomenon, it is found to affect youngsters and the elderly, alike. The causes for this could range from increased levels of stress, hypertension, diabetes, body weakness or pain, chaotic thoughts, etc.

A research suggests that Yoga is one of the solutions to cure insomnia’s physiological and psychological causes. This yoga session is tailored to improve sleep patterns through asanas that help to get your body moving, including softer aspects like the breathing, Yog-Nidra or meditation.


  • Reduces stress & anxiety.
  • Regulates the nervous system.
  • Calms your mind.
  • Improves the flow of prana (energy).
  • Induces tranquillity


Suksham is a Sanskrit word meaning “subtle” or “dormant”.

Sometimes, due to bad posture, disturbed bodily functions, psychological or emotional problems or an unbalanced lifestyle, the energy becomes blocked. This results in stiffness, muscular tension, lack of proper blood flow and minor functional defects. If these blockages persist, it could become chronic, thereby results in further health issues.

So here we provide you with Suksham Yoga, which is a subtle exercise for your joints that helps to free you from such problems. We make you develop awareness of the body movements and the subtle effects these have on you. The class involves conscious Yoga moments for joints, integrated breathing and movement of pranas.

This is a perfect start for those who are new to yoga, and this class can be a preparatory tool for other yoga practices.


  • It helps in removing any blockages preventing the free flow of energy in body and mind.
  • Prevents new ones from forming.
  • Releasing tensions from the joints.
  • Excellent for those debilitated by rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems.
  • Other ailments where vigorous physical exercise is not advised.
  • Help in improving coordination, self-awareness, and self-confidence.

This can be practiced by anyone – beginners or advanced, young or elderly.


Mobility Yoga Flow

Unlock your potential, feel better and more mobile, and remain injury-free with Mobility Yoga. Mobility is the ability to move a joint or limb freely and with control through its full range of motion. This unrestricted movement lets your muscles work their best and helps reduce your chance of injury.

Learn and experience this unique Mobility Yoga flow that combines over 25 yogic active & passive stretches. These stretches will help to improve your flexibility, range of motion, and joint health. You will also learn how to breathe properly and how to relax your mind and body.

Mobility Yoga is a great way to improve your overall health and well-being. It is also a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. If you are looking for a way to improve your mobility and reduce your risk of injury, then Mobility Yoga is the perfect class for you.

Benefits of Mobility Yoga:

There are many benefits to practicing Mobility Yoga, including:

  • Improved joint mobility: Mobility Yoga can help to improve your range of motion and flexibility, which can help to reduce your risk of injuries.
  • Prevent injury: Mobility Yoga can help to prevent injuries by strengthening your muscles and improving your flexibility.
  •  Become stronger: Mobility Yoga can help you to become stronger by challenging your muscles in new ways.
  • Minimise joint pain: Mobility Yoga can help to minimise joint pain by improving your joint health and flexibility.
  • Correct muscle imbalances caused by muscle tightness: Mobility Yoga can help to correct muscle imbalances caused by muscle tightness by stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the weak muscles.
  • Release tension in your body caused by stress: Mobility Yoga can help to release tension in your body caused by stress by relaxing your muscles and mind.

Book your Mobility Yoga class today!

If you are looking for a way to improve your mobility and reduce your risk of injury, then Mobility Yoga is the perfect class for you. Book your class today and start your journey to a healthier, happier you!


Yog-Nidra is a state of consciousness, wherein you are awake but still achieve the benefits of deep sleep as you are guided through the states of relaxation to achieve a progressively deeper state of consciousness. You are directed to relax your body, silence your mind and set a positive personal goal for the upcoming days. It is believed that when you enter such a deep state of relaxation, your subconscious becomes more active, allowing you to work through numerous mental issues and problems. For this reason, some practitioners view Yog-Nidra as a beneficial treatment for various emotional and mental disorders.


  • Helps with stress management.
  • Provides effective relief for depression and anxiety.
  • Effective way to obtain sleep.
  • Self-healing.
  • Helps you to become creative.
  • Prepares you for meditation practice.


Yoga is essentially based on the seven ‘Chakras’ system, wherein these seven chakra points lie along the spine from the base to the crown of the head. Each of these chakra points is responsible for the respective organs and glands situated in its region. Nonetheless, the chakras also contribute to the various personality traits and characteristics. Of these seven chakras, one of the most important and fascinating is the Agya Chakra, or Third Eye.

Chakra Awakening and Healing is an excellent technique to balance your chakras and find balance within your body and mind.


  • Improves overall health and well-being.
  • Enables to heal your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional issues.
  • Improves memory, concentration and awareness.
  • Aids in achieving a positive outlook in terms of understanding, perception of behaviors and thought process.
  • Gain overall balance.
  • Hormonal Balance.


The science of Pranayama was developed by Yogis through an intuitive and experimental understanding of Prana and its influence on the human mechanism at various levels. The Sanskrit word Prana is combination of two syllables pra meaning ‘forth’ & an meaning ‘movement or to breathe’, thereby referring to the idea that life force energy is always dynamic.

This yoga session focuses on the effects of Pranayama on your physical, mental and emotional levels. You will also be learning the different techniques of breathing along with their benefits.

Physical Benefits:

  • Preservation of the body’s health.
  • Purification of the blood.
  • Improvement in the absorption of oxygen.
  • Strengthening the lungs and heart.
  • Regulation of blood pressure.
  • Regulation of the nervous system.
  • Supporting the healing process and healing therapies.
  • Increasing resistance to infection.

Mental Benefits:

  • Elimination of stress, nervousness and depression.
  • Quietening of thoughts and emotions.
  • Inner balance.
  • Release of energy blockages.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Deepening of meditation.
  • Awakening and purification of the Chakras (energy centres).
  • Expansion of consciousness.


Vibrations are vital to control energy circles in and around us. In this Gong Dhyana class, we use eastern wisdom and sound principles to ignite each cell of the body. The sounds of the Gong create an anchor for the mind to centralise focus, thereby creating a happy balance between vigilance and relaxation of mind.

This sound healing therapy has been practiced for thousands of years and has proven to reduce stress and liberate emotional and mental blockages. During the meditation process, our aim is to ensure maximum relaxation and optimum peace of mind.


  • Tremendously helps people with mental issues such as anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Clarity and balance.
  • Improve memory and concentration.
  • A stronger immune system.
  • Heightened awareness, both of the self and environment.
  • Helps in mood swings, or negative emotion, such as sadness, aggravation, self-pity and anger.


Mudras means gesture that one practises during yogic exercises. Each Mudra usually refers to an element of nature. Mudras also work in different permutations and combinations to strengthen the energy chakras in our bodies. These subtle gestures are to ensure focus on the inward healing rather than the outward.


  • Helps to focus and increase concentration.
  • Channels energy to reflect inwards and reduce mind related disorders.
  • Increase concentration while meditating.

Mudra Yoga is easy to learn and practice and thus ideal for beginners to advance.